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Held online via group zoom class

Everyone knows how important it is to practice past exam questions. However, so many students neglect this part of study. We understand that our students have a lot on their plate, and it’s hard to prioritise doing extra exam questions when you already have so much homework. Our Mastery Classes are designed to help solve this. By signing up for this class, you’re committing 1 hour of your time every single week.

We begin the class with a quick revision of the topics we’ll be covering. This ensures the content is fresh, but also to stop you from saying “I’m not prepared enough to do exam questions!”.

Then, we start working our way through the past VCAA exam questions. We begin with some multi-choice questions to warm up, but move on to extended response questions. Getting full marks on extended response questions is extremely difficult for VCE 3/4 Biology. Knowing the content isn’t enough: You need to choose the right key words and add context. Our expert tutors show you exactly how to do this. We give you an example answer – but also analyse what is required to get full marks. 

For students aiming for a 40+ study score, we end each class with extension work. These contain difficult exam questions, that were poorly answered in the past. This ensures that you’re challenging yourself and learning from others, so you don’t make the same mistakes in the future. This section of the class is highly valuable for high achieving students. 

During each lesson, you can use the chat box to ask questions, and one of our expert tutors will get back to you instantly. These questions are annonymous, which is great for those who may be shy or embarassed to ask questions. This creates a non-judgmental environment that past students have loved. 

Homework is set after each class to keep students on track and ensure they are fully prepared for their SACs exams. These classes are a great way to supplement our digital resources, and to make sure students are fully prepared for their SACs and exams. The class is a great way to ensure you commit a certain amount of time every week to focus on the subjects and ask any questions you may have.


These group classes are held online via zoom, every Monday at 7-8 pm.  

Our classes are designed to benefit all students, regardless of their skill level. Our expert tutor breaks down complex concepts using simple language, making it easy for everyone to understand. We cover a range of topics, from basic to advanced, and also focus on common mistakes and questions that are often not answered well. This ensures that struggling students can improve their understanding, while advanced students can challenge themselves and further develop their skills.

Your MemBrain tutor begins by explaining the topics of the week. With the aid of screensharing and digital whiteboard, they can draw out biological proccesses and use visuals to help you understand. 
We will then move on to answering some past exam questions, so you can get an idea of the type of questions that are common for the topic. 
Your tutor will then show you some particularly hard topics, and things to look out for when answering questions. This is essential for students aiming to get a high study score. 

Throughout the class, feel free to join our chat,  where you can ask for further clarification.

What students have to say

– Molly, Williamstown High School

– Imogene, Viewbank College

– Ethan, Scotch College

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